Let me tell you a little about myself…

Contemporary Bardic Harper
independent composer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, music therapist

As an independent musician, I love weaving together classical, traditional, folk, jazz, improvisation, and contemporary influences to make beautiful new music.  Central to my work are the great experiences I had studying and working at the Creative Music Studio, with master musicians from jazz, classical and world traditions.  “ Music is the Healing Energy of the Universe” was CMS’s motto, and I took it to heart.

Some have called me a Bardic harper, others call me a sound healer. I love working and playing with music to create beneficial music experiences, from Music Meditations to concerts, from designing programs for students with learning differences, to seniors in skilled nursing and memory care,as well as  bringing Singing Circles into different communities as a healing activity. Inspired by the wise words of the Onondaga faithkeeper, Oren Lyons, “Life will go on as long as there is someone to sing, to dance, to tell stories and to listen”, I’m honored to dedicate my work to creative discovery in sound.

My imagination has been captured by  words that have been passed down through the ages – words that “convey the wisdom of the Earth.” My signature composition, Thunder: Perfect Mind, reflects  the influence of sung poetry in traditional music.

My music focuses in these areas…


I love performing in live, acoustic music spaces, both indoor or outdoor.  Inspired by the elements, sky, space, water, I play concerts as well as social events, ceremonies and gatherings.

Contact me if you would like to explore bringing live music to your event. Or visit the Events page and come hear me live!


Harp, accordion and piano:  I create customized lessons for all ages to work with my students’ learning styles and desires.

If you are interested in learning with me please be in touch.


Ever eclectic in my exploration of sound making, I compose with harp and voice creating music for film, theater, experimental radio, small ensembles. In addition to traditional styles I have also worked with experimental forms and electronic music.

Browse my projects. Feel free to reach out if you would like to explore working together.

Music Therapy

I conduct healing music sessions in home, community and hospital settings. I design sessions to promote expression, facilitate stress management and focus on the specific needs of my clients, i.e. adaptive music lessons, cancer support, memory care, pain management and end of life care.

Let’s connect if I can support your needs.