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Music is an original technology, activating mind, body and spirit. The privilege of learning from master musicians of diverse cultures has enhanced my life-long music practice. Whether performing live, composing, teaching or designing music therapy programs, I strive to shine the joy of music in sound.

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Trio Composition: Lever Harp, Accordion, Vocals, Percussion
Grant from Art’s Mid-Hudson

Thunder: Perfect Mind

Thunder: Perfect Mind

In 1945, along the banks of the Nile, bound papyrus notebooks were found sealed in earthenware jars. Among this discovery  was the mysterious text Thunder: Perfect Mind. Written more than 1500 years ago, the voice of feminine energy, duality, ambivalence, paradox, contradiction and passion called out.  

Reading the introduction  of Elaine Pagels Gnostic Gospels, a fragment of Thunder: Perfect Mind  seized my attention.  The poetry and power of Thunder: Perfect Mind kept calling to me. I composed the music for Thunder:  Perfect  after meditating on these words morning and evening for over a year. Then, Over 7 years, as I played my harp, the words became music that sang out of me. When I knew the music by heart, I committed it to paper. The poetic voice of female power, echoed from the past into my future.

Thunder: Perfect Mind called to me, opening a doorway to women’s spirit from over 2000 years ago. I created the music to celebrate the Great Mother of us all, in all Her contradictions, paradoxes, and the spirit of the One who unites all opposites.

Reviews of Thunder: Perfect Mind

I love the work you do–the music, which expresses the heart of this tradition. —Elaine Pagels, Princeton University, Author of The Gnostic Gospels

We are carried over the edges by the music of her voice, her exquisite use of the Celtic harp, and her accompanying musicians, back to the voice of the Thunder: Perfect Mind and returned through the many centuries to our own time where it is totally relevant. While the music itself is outstanding, it is made ‘particularly moving by the fact that the text provides us with the actual words of a woman (or women) two thousand years ago. Julia has merged with the spirit of that woman, and speaks not only with that voice, but has brought it into our century introducing us to our foresisters, and their own Goddess spirituality. In finding the text from the past, she has recalled, remembered, and with genius created an identification, a work of much beauty, and a true inspiration. Asphodel P. Long, Goddessing Magazine

…..gorgeous CD.  It is a great thing to see women artists flying.  —Eve (Ensler)

A hermeneutically exciting interpretation of Thunder. —Karen L. King, Winn Professor Ecclesiastical History, Harvard University

Julia Haines combines creative composition with keen spiritual sensitivity for our day. Her musical compositions flow from a deep place near the heart of the universe through her own heart and out into the world…her composition “Thunder Perfect…as loyal to its ancient world and to the contemporary intersection with the deepest of our traditions. Julia Haines performance is technically superb and personally vibrant.  —Hal Taussig, Union Theological Seminary


Thunder: Perfect Mind has been presented at:

The Nag Hammadi Conference: 50th anniversary celebration Haverford College
Union Theological Seminary
American HarpSociety, University of Pennsylvania
Bard College
Drexel University
International House, Philadelphia, PA
Smith College
Temple University
Theater for the New City, NY
Trinity Church NYC
The Rubin Museum of Art, NYC
Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY
Sage Center, Woodstock, NY
Miriam’s Well, Saugerties, NY
SUNY, Ulster, NY