Infinite Mysteries

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Trio Composition: Lever Harp, Accordion, Vocals, Percussion Grant from Art’s Mid-Hudson

Thunder: Perfect Mind

Thunder: Perfect Mind

This poem, dating back almost 2,000 years, is the mysterious Nag Hammadi text in which the infinite Great Mother calls out in the voice of sacred women’s energy, paradox, and passion. I set “Thunder: Perfect Mind” to music for voice and harp after meditating on the words for over a year. “Thunder: Perfect Mind” poses mythic questions, taking us on a journey to retrieve the Feminine Divine, the essence of beauty in our world.

Weekly Singing Circles: Raise your Voices, Lift your Spirit

Singing Circles

Singing is an original human technology that has carried us through the joys and sorrows of life. I offer Singing Circles to make this available to anyone with acceptance for all,  coordinating and leading with a wide range of repertoire, piano accompaniment and an open heart. Since 2015 I ran Singing Circles at the Olive […]

Music Meditations for Peace and Healing

Weekly Meditations for Peace and Healing, held at Chestnut Hill United Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 2001 to 2005, offered an environment for quiet reflection post 9/11 and during the war.  The music was offered in a spirit of welcoming the listener into the present, connecting within, releasing emotions, and resting in a sound experience […]

Earthworks: Voices of Young People, Voices of the Elders

Earthworks is a song cycle exploring sounds, songs, commentary and concern about contemporary environmental consciousness. It was commissioned by NEW AMERICAN RADIO in 1990. A multi-layered fabric of sound, Earthworks includes interviews with activist Maggie Kuhn, artist Mildred Greenberg, composer Pauline Oliveros, farmer Myra Perkins, members of the Cheltenham Students for Environmental Action, and a […]