Singing Circles

Weekly Singing Circles: Raise your Voices, Lift your Spirit

Singing is an original human technology that has carried us through the joys and sorrows of life. I offer Singing Circles to make this available to anyone with acceptance for all,  coordinating and leading with a wide range of repertoire, piano accompaniment and an open heart. Since 2015 I ran Singing Circles at the Olive Free Library until the Pandemic called for a pause. From 2011-2014, while living in Philadelphia, I offered Singing Circles in conjunction with a cancer support community.

Singing circle was always one of the highlights of my week. Julia is a gifted  musician who has a truly astonishing repertoire of songs. Her playing helped us stay on tune as we gained more confidence in our voices and musicality. Even more inspiring was the way she shared her joy in music and her conviction that everyone deserved that joy regardless of their talent. Over years with our shifting group of singers, our voices strengthened, our confidence grew and we ventured into harmonies and developed a group sound. Don’t miss a chance to sing with Julia. —Kathleen O.